Leasing Office Space Doesn’t Have to Be Complicated

Why aren't tenants able to search, compare, negotiate, execute and pay for their office space online? Virtually every other major financial transaction can be navigated via an online platform, why not commercial real estate? Certainly owners of commercial real estate (CRE) could dramatically reduce their transaction costs through the efficiencies of an online platform. Likewise,... Continue Reading →

Forget the Rate, Focus on the Space

Rental rates are probably the single most focused upon term in an office lease. However, the "face rate" (price per square foot) is only one part of the equation in determining rental obligation. The fact is that face rates are more important to landlords and lenders. For tenants looking for smaller space, obsessing about rental... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Office Leasing

In spite of the real estate industry pressing forward to adapt technologies to make buildings more efficient, the process of leasing office space remains mired in archaic practices. With the exception of email replacing faxes, which replaced mail and messengers for transmitting documents, the office leasing process has remained virtually unchanged since the mid-20th century.... Continue Reading →

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