“Faux-paws” for Kitting-up City Canines

The illustrator at As Much Cake as You Want came across a dog experiencing a wardrobe malfunction — and captured it in pen and ink.

via City Dogs — Discover

This drawing was too cute to resist sharing. Our Chief of Security & Employee Morale (Lucca) has had the same issue with her raincoat.

Protecting our pup from the cold & wet can be necessary for short haired breeds in colder climes. But as cute as many outfits may look, wearing clothes isn’t natural. Hopefully, proper fit and functionality will outweigh the fashion sense of their human companions. Hooded doggy coats are particularly difficult to size and I’ve yet to see an active dog that’ll willingly wear a rain hat.


Lucca hates getting wet (a huntress she may be, but a water dog she ain’t). Even though she’s part of our family and a much loved team member, she is still a dog and it’s natural for dogs to get thoroughly filthy & wet from time to time. My philosophy is to protect for warmth over water. Once properly drenched, she always finds the fortitude to muddle through the dankest of days.


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